Video 4: Drawing with the whole body?

Who said all you need is fingers to draw?

Just see how this will take your drawing to a whole other level! Most children are used to drawing/painting at a table (and if they are lucky, at an easel). Drawing on the floor gives them a chance to look at an otherwise mundane activity from a different perspective. It also allows them to become more involved with the process of scaffolding the final image with lines and curves that can be reached from every side of the paper.

You will notice that the child in this video starts by lying down and drawing lines that travel with his entire upper body – what a great feeling. By the end of the video, he is literally “in it” and might bump into Mary Poppins on the other side! His knees are bent and he is involved and interacting with his story. All of a sudden, there is more: toys that bring the picture to life and the context for the story moves with the scene.

Set-Up for Episode #4:

  • Bigger than a big sheet of paper. You can also tape several sheets together, or old paper bags from groceries
  • Drawing tools of any kind – preferably, your child’s favorite drawing materials
  • Music
  • A visit to your local library (for book tips, visit our BookTip page!)

On a separate note here: if you really, really care about the floor your child is on, you might want to use an old shower curtain underneath the paper. If the weather is nice, take it outside!

Did you find this helpful? Need more? Let us know how we can help you enjoy this site with your children by leaving a comment below.

Have fun and go beyond the classroom!


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