About Us

I was a classroom teacher for over ten years and currently teach as an adjunct faculty at a local university in Boston.  I strongly believe that when it comes to learning, students of any age need to have choices that go beyond the classroom. I also passionately believe in my responsibility to share what I’ve learned with the next generations of classroom teachers and parents. Here, I provide rich learning environments for children, in the classroom and out. When we observe, kids are constantly trying to reinvent the world around them and I am fortunate to be a part of it!

The videos that you find here are playful, messy and fun. Students learn best this way. Teachers can help by setting the stage with opportunities for discovery, inspired learning, and just enough challenge to keep them growing.

If you want to engage in play with your children as a natural way to stay curious, and keep learning something new, welcome. You came to the right place!

Nina Araújo, M.A., with Luc and André.


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