Video 1: What are kids up to when they go outside?

A lot more than we give them credit for!

They compare and contrast, they come up with brand new theories about the world around them. Children benefit from being in touch with the natural world in endless ways. They never end up where they started. Every child notices changes in regular and irregular patterns.  They use these discoveries to make predictions, answer their own questions, and keep building on previous patterns while creating new learning. They constantly assess their own understanding of the world around them by refining their discoveries when they  use their curiosity to ask and answer their own questions in a cycle of wonder. Your child is born with a rich capacity to use his or her imagination and that’s where all good and rich learning starts. The moon is a throne, a spaceship, or a house. Their vocabulary gets more sophisticated as they mix new and old words to experience phenomena in nature.

Set-Up for Episode #1:

  • Outdoors in every seasons
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Buckets
  • Sleds
  • Shovels (although kids are excellent at improvising!)
  • A visit to your local library (for book tips, visit our BookTip page!)

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Have fun and go beyond the classroom!


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