LearnLaunch 2017 – Spark Your Teaching with Digital Tools

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Thank you for attending our Ignite Session at LearnLaunch 2017.

For eight years, undergraduate students taking methods classes at the elementary level (i.e.: social studies and math, science and technology), have been engaged in using digital tools to communicate and retrieve information from class meetings, as well as to generate solutions to assignments that require their expertise in some areas of technology.

For example, learning how to evaluate a mobile application for appropriate

Here are some links to examples from Bloom’s Taxonomy Learning Domains using Digital Tools in and out of the classroom. The links will take you to the tool itself, or some samples which you are welcome to test and interact with.

Please use the links below to have an idea around how we have used the tools we demoed at LearnLaunch 2017!

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To download a .pdf version of this slide, click here:  LIS 2017 Innovation Showcase

Links for all the digital tools you found on the table on laptop computers and mobile devices:

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